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Anti-Social Behaviour and Nuisance

Anti-social behaviour advice

Everyone has the right to enjoy life in their own way as long as they don’t upset people living near them.  Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can have an impact on people's quality of life and there are a number of agencies committed to tackling anti-social behaviour, through Erewash Community Safety Partnership.

The government defines anti-social behaviour as any conduct which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to another person.

This may include:

  • Rowdy Behaviour
  • Hoax Calls
  • Nuisance Neighbours
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Arson
  • Fly Tipping
  • Graffiti
  • Noise
  • Harassment.

How will we tackle anti-social behaviour in Erewash?

We work on an evidence basis, so take can only act against those causing problems we need to have evidence of their behaviour.  We do this primarily through logging incidents that happen in specific ASB diaries.  We reply on residents to provide this information in the majority of cases. 

Once we have evidence of the concerns, we work with our partners to target the anti-social behaviour which is causing most harm to our communities.  We do this by analysing the reports you make to us and our partners, and the diaries completed which allows us to direct our resources most effectively.

If you have concerns about anti-social behaviour happening in your neighbourhood, please report it to Erewash Community Safety Partnership.

Community Trigger

What is the Community Trigger?

The Community Trigger gives, those affected by anti-social behaviour, the right to request an Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review of the response to their reports of anti-social behaviour.  The Community Trigger should only be used if you think your concerns have not been dealt with, or acted upon, by agencies.

Concerns about individual officers, or services, should continue to be directed to the relevant organisation’s complaints procedure and/or the Ombudsman or the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

When can I use the Community Trigger?

You can use the Community Trigger if:

  • You have reported three or more related incidents of anti-social behaviour, within the last six months, or
  • Five separate individuals have reported related incidents of anti-social behaviour, within the last six months

You can apply for the Community Trigger on behalf of someone else, but you must provide their written consent, alongside the application form.

Related Attachments

For further information please contact the Community Safety Officer, Erewash Community Safety Partnership on 0115 907 2244.