EBC Online Consultation Panel

Are you a resident of Erewash and aged 16 or over?

The council has its own panel of residents who have registered to receive links to secure EBC online surveys and welcomes requests to join the panel.

If you live in the borough and would like more information or to join, it only takes a minute to register.

Please be assured your details are stored securely and never passed on to any third party. All survey replies are anonymous and confidential and all data is stored securely.  

Tracker Survey

The second of the council's quarterly Tracker Surveyrs of 2017/18 is now closed. It once again asked general questions about Erewash Borough Council and the services it provides. These questions are used on a regular (quarterly) basis to allow the council to monitor and compare its performance over time.

Further surveys will again be available for completion on this page during the following months:

  • November/December 2017
  • February/March 2018

All feedback provided is given in strict confidence, the data is securely stored and your details will never be passed on to any third parties.

Erewash Borough Council 2018-2022 CCTV Strategy Survey

The council knows from previous consultation that crime, anti-social behaviour, and the fear of these, are genuine concerns for residents and visitors to the borough. One of the ways that it tries to make the borough a safe place, where people have pride and chose to live, work and play, is through the provision of Closed Circuit Television cameras (CCTV) in key locations.

CCTV is not a statutory requirement and in order to continue to provide non-statutory services, the council must show value for money and the impact that CCTV is having on local residents and visitors to the borough. As part of this process, the council is producing a new CCTV strategy to shape the future provision and is seeking your views to help develop this.

Please use the link below to complete the CCTV Strategy Survey before 1145pm Friday 20 October 2017.

EBC 2018-2022 CCTV Strategy Survey 

Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) are committed to listening and learning from local people and provide important services to residents, visitors, employers and employees in the county and are always looking for ways to improve them.

Finding out what people think of the services DCC provide is essential because it helps the council to work out how to improve them and their commitment to consult ensures this will happen. Consultation is the process of informed communication between DCC and the users of their services prior to the council making a policy decision or determining changes to service delivery.

Details about current DCC consultations carried out in the past and those planned for the future can be found on the Have Your Say section of their website where you can read about the purpose of each consultation, find out who is being consulted and how to get involved.

Erewash Borough Council

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