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Public - Litter bins

We are responsible for the provision and maintenance of litter bins within Erewash. We provide a wide range of litter bins to suit the needs of each area.

Litter bins are usually placed in areas of high pedestrian traffic and where a litter problem has been identified, particularly in the town centres, outside local shops and other high litter areas.  We also provide litter bins on Council owned Public Parks and Open Spaces.

All litter bins installed are dual-purpose bins and can be used for bagged dog waste as well as litter.


We have dedicated crews who empty over 1000 bins on regular schedules devised to ensure that no bin overflows.

If you wish to report a bin that is overflowing please contact us.

All of our litter bins are inspected regularly. If you notice that a litter bin has been moved or is damaged please contact us, we will endeavour to repair or replace the bin as quickly as possible.

Is it a crime to drop litter?

Yes, if it happens in a public place. A court has the power to fine someone up to £2,500 (a Level 4 offence on the Standard Scale). Alternatively, in some areas you could get a £75 fixed penalty notice for depositing litter from our Neighbourhood Wardens.

What is litter?

Legally speaking, the word litter is given a wide interpretation. Litter can be as small as a sweet wrapper, large as a bag of rubbish or it can mean lots of items scattered about. 

In other words, people make litter. The Offence of Leaving Litter (section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990) says that if a person drops, throws, deposits or leaves anything so as to cause defacement in a public place, they could be committing a littering offence. So always put rubbish in a bin, or take it home.

Litter doesn't just disappear! If litter is not picked up, items will take many years to decompose.

  • Banana skins/fruit peelings - two years
  • Cigarette ends - two years
  • Drinks cans - 80 to 100 years
  • Plastic carrier bags - 100+ years
  • Plastic bottles - 100+ years

What can I do if I see someone drop litter?

Please contact our Neighbourhood Warden Service on 0115 907 2244 to discuss if further action can be taken. Alternatively, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who should clear away litter?

Your local authority has a legal duty (so far as practicable) to clear litter and refuse from public places for which is it responsible such as streets, parks, playgrounds, tourist beaches and pedestrianised areas.

If a piece of private land is littered and is affecting the local environmental quality we will look to take enforcement actions using various legislation to ensure the land is cleared to satisfactory standard.

You can contact by:

Tel: 0115 907 2244

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pride-line : 0115 850 8383 (24 hours confidential hotline).

For out of hours emergencies please call 0115 907 2244.