A food business premises must comply with the requirements laid down by food safety legislation.

Food Safety Management Procedures

All food businesses must have food safety management procedures in place, these are systems which will ensure that the food you serve is safe to eat.  For some types of premises the Food Standards Agency system called 'Safer Food Better Business' can be used.  The Food Standards Agency website  has information as well as details on obtaining a free copy of the pack.

We have produced a food safety management system template for home caterers which you can download for use. This is a link to the Home Caterer FSMS Pack.

The Food Premises

The premises must be so constructed and laid out to:

  • Allow easy and thorough cleaning/disinfection of the structure and equipment.

  • Prevent food from becoming contaminated.

  • Enable staff to maintain good personal hygiene.

  • Prevent accumulations of dirt and grease about food storage and preparation areas.

  • Prevent pests from gaining access.

Facilities which should be provided include:

  • Enough sinks should be available to allow food to be washed/ prepared in a separate sink to the one used for washing pots.

  • Hand washing basins should be provided close to where food is being handled or prepared.

  • Preparation surfaces should be laid out to allow sufficient distance between areas where ready to eat foods are prepared and uncooked foods are prepared.

  • A separate cupboard away from the food preparation area should be provided for cleaning chemicals, mops, brushes etc.

  • Sufficient space should be made available for staff to store their outside clothing which is away from the main food preparation area. Clean over clothing for staff should be stored in a clean area.

  • Staff toilets should be provided, but shall not lead directly off a food room.

  • Sufficient storage areas should be available to allow all food to be stored in the correct manner at the correct temperature.

We have produced a guidance note if you are making cakes from home. This is a link to the Caker Makers Guidance.

Staff training

Details on training are given on the Food hygiene training page.

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