The cost of a council bulky waste collection for up to 6 items is £23.00.  To arrange a council bulky waste collection, please call 0115 907 2244. Refunds will not be given if we attend a property to collect bulky items or white goods and the items are not presented or they have been removed by a third party. 

Some local charities will collect furniture and white goods for free:

If you are vacating rented accommodation, please check with your landlord whether the removal of unwanted items and any associated costs is your responsibility or the landlord's, as refunds will not be given unless the collection is cancelled before we attempt to collect the items on any given Wednesday or thereafter.

For further information you can email but as payment is required all bookings must be arranged by phone on 0115 907 2244.

Please note that the items should be presented at the front of the property. 

The following list contains items that are most frequently collected as bulky items:

  • A bed base
  • A mattress
  • A wardrobe
  • A dining room table
  • Two dining room chairs (1 item)
  • A settee
  • A living room arm chair
  • Carpet (carpet and underlay for a room, will be treated as two separate items)
  • Glass and mirrors (these items must be broken, wrapped in paper or cardboard and placed safely in a box before collection).

White Goods

A white goods collection is £15.00 for up to 3 items. These include:

  • Domestic fridge / freezer  (We are unable to take "American style" fridge/freezers)
  • Cooker
  • Washing machine
  • Tumble drier
  • Washer/drier
  • Ovens
  • Hobs
  • Microwaves
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Some metal items, such as "Z-beds" (ask the contact centre staff for more information about these items).

Electrical items, such as large "American style" fridge/freezers can be disposed of at the Derbyshire County Council Recycling Centre on Manners Industrial Estate, Ilkeston. 

If you are having a new fridge/freezer ask the company you are ordering it from if they will collect and dispose of the old one for you, or if your old fridge freezer is in good working order, contact a local charity shop to see if they can take it. 

We can only take waste which conforms with the Waste Management Licence of the site we take items to and complies with the EWC  (European Waste Codes ), these codes legislate the duty of care, types of waste and how they must be stored. Waste which does not conform will be rejected, i.e. dismantled white goods may not be taken.

Small electrical items - sometimes these can be taken for free

In addition a carrier bag of small electrical items such as hairdryers, toasters, kettles, irons etc can also be placed out at the same time as your white goods and this will be collected free of charge. Small electrical items presented in this way do not count towards your three items of white goods.

To organise a white goods collection, please call the contact centre on 0115 907 2244 or email

Chargeable Services

If you forget to put your black bin out for collection on your scheduled collection day and this has been recorded by the refuse  driver as “not presented” a special collection can be arranged. A charge of £23.00 will be made for this service.

For fixtures and fittings such as bathroom suites, kitchen cupboards, sinks, radiators, external/internal doors, sheds, fence panels and window frames a special collection can be arranged, for which a minimum charge of £44.00 will be made.

Dismantled sheds - panel sizes cannot be wider than four feet wide to fit into the refuse vehicle, panels must be cut up prior to collection if larger than four feet wide.

Window frames and fence panels - must not be wider than four feet to ensure they fit in to the vehicle.

When will my collection take place?

Subject to demand, if your request for a bulky / white goods collection is received by 5pm on Monday your collection will take place the following Wednesday. Our customer service advisors will advise you if, due to high demand for the service, any changes to your collection day are necessary.  Please note that items for collection should be presented at the front of the property.

Booking a collection

To organise a bulky waste or white goods collection, please call 0115 907 2244 or email


The council will not collect:

  • Construction waste / materials i.e. wood, bricks, soil, sand etc.
  • General household waste (bagged or otherwise) i.e. items that would normally go in the "black bin"
  • Items arising from Commercial / Industrial enterprises (including materials arising from rental properties - e.g. property clearance)
  • Items that would normally be collected as kerbside recycling such as cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, tins or glass bottles
  • Gardening waste suitable for the brown bin / landscaping materials
  • Very large / heavy items i.e. oil tanks, cars, motorcycles,
  • Items that are dangerous / unsafe by design or condition
  • Items that require specialist disposal
  • Weapons and firearms (including air rifles/pistols)
  • Hazardous / biological waste or materials for which specific licences are required for disposal.

Trade, Commercial and Business Premises

This service applies to residential properties only. For more details about the Council’s trade waste collection service please call 0115 9072303.

Could I ask a local charity to take my unwanted items?

If you want to recycle your old furniture you can make a positive difference not only to the environment but also to people and communities.

SALCARE Furniture Project - open Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 3.30pm, Friday 8.30am to 3pm and Saturday 9am to 12.30pm.

The showroom is open to the general public to purchase items (delivery may incur a charge).

There is a cafe at the site offering a wide range of refreshments.

59 Ray Street
DE75 7GF
Tel: 01773 764 562.

Could I offer them someone who may put them to good use?

If you would like to offer your items to someone in your area free of charge. Recycle Now is a free service that allows members to list unwanted items for charities to claim if they wish to do so. After 48 hours the listing becomes available to the general public if it is no use to the charity partners.

Mobile phones

Numerous charity organisations will arrange for or provide envelopes for you to send your phone, charger and accessories to re-processors and distributors.

Even better, some charities will accept the phones if you drop them at their store or shop. In addition, some supermarket chains will also arrange for the re-use or recycling of your old mobile. 

Hazardous waste

We do not collect commercial or industrial waste, builders' rubble, slabs, chemical waste, pesticides, oils, fertilisers or paint and thinners. Some of these items may be taken to the household waste recycling centre on Manners Industrial Estate, Ilkeston.

Low energy light bulbs contain a small amount of mercury and are therefore classed as hazardous waste, these should be taken to the Civic Amenity Site on the Manners Industrial Estate in Ilkeston to be disposed of properly, they should not be placed in the household waste bin.

If you break a bulb the official advice from the Department of the Environment recommends that you vacate the room for at least 15 minutes before cleaning up the broken bulb with a broom or a damp cloth whilst wearing rubber gloves before placing it in a sealed plastic bag. Do not use a vacuum cleaner and care must be taken not to inhale the dust. 

Disposal of tyres 

Information on the disposal of tyres can be found at  

There is also information on the Environment Agency’s own website

Contact details

Tel: 0115 907 2244


Erewash Borough Council

Erewash Borough Council, Town Hall, Wharncliffe Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5RP 0115 907 2244