Noise can reduce the quality of life for some people.

It is a fact of life that we all do things which can have an impact on our neighbours and on the quality of the local environment. Whether we are playing music, carrying out DIY or own a dog which constantly barks, consideration and awareness are the key to making sure your actions are not a problem for others.


What can I do?

If you are concerned about noise nuisance coming from a neighbour's home or a local business or manufacturer often the best way to deal with the problem in the first instance is to go to the source. Talk to the person or company responsible and explain the problem.

You may find that it can be resolved amicably and without the recourse to further action. This also has the additional benefit of avoiding the tensions that can arise between the parties involved after formal intervention by the Council.

Please see our noise complaint leaflet for further information. We also have a written policy on how it will deal with noise complaints. This is a link to our Noise Policy.

If you need further information or help, telephone Environmental Health on 0115 9072244 Ext. 3820.

Erewash Borough Council

Erewash Borough Council, Town Hall, Wharncliffe Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5RP 0115 907 2244