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Employment Land Study 2011

Erewash Borough Council has completed a comprehensive Employment Land Study (ELS) which has involved assessing the quality of over 100 different sites across Erewash. The individual assessments, a map showing the site boundaries and a ‘summary of results’ document, can all be found at the bottom of this webpage.

The Study helps to ensure that a sufficient level of employment land and premises is maintained across the Borough. The ELS principally involves assessing the quality and market appeal of Erewash’s existing and potential employment land and its suitability to accommodate offices, industrial units and warehouses.

These assessments were undertaken broadly in line with the methodology used to produce the 2007 Nottingham City Region Employment Land Study (NCRELS). This study only examined a limited number of sites across Erewash, but provides more information about historic and future trends across employment sectors.  If you are clicking on the link below to view the map of the employment sites please click the Employment Land Study 2011 layer box on the left hand side of the page.

NCRELS 2007 & 2009

Nottingham City Region Employment Land Study (NCRELS)
The study was commissioned to appraise the quantity and quality of employment land throughout the Nottingham Housing Market Area (HMA).

The Nottingham HMA comprises the following councils:

  • Erewash Borough Council
  • Ashfield District Council (Hucknall Sub-Area)
  • Broxtowe Borough Council
  • Gedling Borough Council
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Rushcliffe Borough Council

To undertake this study, consultants Roger Tym and Partners (planning practitioners) along with Lambert Smith Hampton (commercial property experts) were commissioned on behalf of the councils listed above in relation to completing the task.

The commission was made jointly by Nottinghamshire County Council and the local planning authorities on behalf of the Greater Nottingham Partnership and its partners.

The study provides a robust assessment of the quality and quantity of employment land in the Nottingham City Area, and the key tasks of the study were:

To assess whether the employment land identified in the study area meets current and future employment requirements to 2026. To assess if additional is required.

If appropriate, to identify potential new employment sites and existing employment sites which could be transferred to other uses.

The study will also contribute to the development of Spatial Planning Policies both at local and strategic levels. Its findings will form part of the evidence base needed to produce documents contained within the Erewash Local Development Framework (LDF) and sub-regional proposals relating to the review of the Regional Spatial Strategy currently being prepared.

Employment Background Paper June 2012

This Employment Background paper reviews and rolls forward aspects of the Nottingham City Region Employment Land Study (NCRELS) so as to ensure that the evidence base supporting policy 4 (Employment Provision and economic Development) in the Core Strategies is up-to date and fit for purpose.

Greater Nottingham Employment Background Paper June 2012