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5 year housing supply

The Borough Council is required in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to demonstrate a potential supply of specific deliverable sites, sufficient enough to provide five years worth of housing against its objectively assessed needs. This is known as the ‘five year land supply’.

It is something that the Council must keep updated on an annual basis so that we can actively plan, monitor and manage housing needs within Erewash ensuring that we can deliver a flexible supply of land for housing.

After thorough local assessment work, the Council can indeed demonstrate that it has a 5 year land supply for housing.

5 Year Land Supply 2014-19 [472KB]

Housing Background Paper June 2012

This Background Paper was prepared after consultation on the Housing Provision Position Paper (HPPP) in summer 2011 (see Core Strategy section). It describes work subsequently undertaken by Broxtowe, Erewash, Gedling and Nottingham City Councils (although it includes the Rushcliffe area). This subsequent work has re-rescaled the headship rates used in the government's 2008-based Household Projections, so the two papers are not directly comparable.

Greater Nottingham Housing Background Paper June 2012

Household Projections Paper June 2012

This background paper explains the population and household projections and forecasts undertaken in the preparation of the Core Strategies covering the Greater Nottingham area. The work covers the Nottingham Core Housing Market Area, which is made up of Nottingham City and Broxtowe, Erewash, Gedling and Rushcliffe Boroughs.

Greater Nottingham Household Projections Background Paper June 2012

Sustainable Locations for Growth Study

The study was led by Tribal and Campbell Reith. Commissioned to follow on from the Appraisal of Sustainable Urban Extensions Study (2008), this study focuses on the non Principal Urban Area of Greater Nottingham, assessing settlements and general locations for their suitability to accommodate new housing growth in terms of infrastructure capacity, transport accessibility etc.

This study utilises the latest available evidence, most notably the findings of the Accessible Settlements Study which assesses the level of accessibility of existing settlements to facilities and services.

The conclusions of the Sustainable Locations for Growth will be used to inform the location of housing sites. This is consistent with the approach taken by other Greater Nottingham authorities through the preparation of the emerging Aligned Core Strategies.

Follow the links below to view the Final Report and Appendices (in PDF format)

Sustainable Urban Extensions Study

A report published on the 30 June 2008 outlines the areas where new sustainable communities could be built around Greater Nottingham. The production of the report, known as a Sustainable Urban Extension Study (SUES) is a requirement of Government, so the Council can start to identify areas where housing and other complementary land uses could be built over the next 25 years.

In the Greater Nottingham area*, which for planning purposes includes Erewash Borough, local councils need to provide for around 60,000 new homes across the conurbation up until 2026, although the exact numbers are not yet confirmed. The study forms part of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) which is still being progressed and is anticipated to be completed by September 2008.

The release of the final report will represent a continued commitment by all local councils involved in the Nottingham Core Housing Market Area (HMA) to work together to ensure that the need for new housing is addressed across the conurbation.

For more information on the SUES work, and to access the report, please click on the link below:

Appraisal of Sustainable Urban Extensions - Final Report [PDF 4.8MB]

*Greater Nottingham for the purposes of this study reflects the boundaries of the Nottingham Core HMA and consists of the following Councils: Ashfield DC (Hucknall area), Broxtowe BC, Erewash BC, Gedling BC, Nottingham City Council and Rushcliffe BC.

Accessible Settlements Study

The Accessible Settlements Study [PDF 1.4MB] was prepared by Nottinghamshire County Council with the assistance and contributions from Derbyshire County Council, the Greater Nottingham authorities and Ashfield District Council.

The purpose of the work is to establish common means of measuring and assessing in general terms the level of accessibility of existing settlements, particularly in terms of their residents access to jobs, shopping, education and other services by walking, cycling and public transport.

The work evaluates on a consistent basis across the whole study area the ease of accessibility to a range of facilities and services such as pubs, post offices and bus services. These are those which would contribute to a high quality of life for people and which, if more accessible in low-carbon means for a greater number of people, would contribute to sustainable development and the objectives of the emerging Local Development Framework Core Strategies. This is one aspect of identifying more sustainable settlements and which ones are best placed to accommodate future growth.

Derby Green Belt Study

The purpose of this joint study is to carry out an assessment of the five Green Belt purposes of the area of the Nottingham – Derby Green Belt, which is located on the periphery of Derby – the Derby Principal UrbanArea (PUA) Green Belt.

Derby Green Belt Study [PDF 6.27MB]

Housing Strategy

The Erewash Housing Strategy 2011 – 16 outlines how the Council and our Partners aim to help our residents live in homes which are of good quality, that they can afford to keep maintained and warm, and are in communities and areas where they want to live. We also want services which support people to live independently in their homes.

Homelessness Strategy

Dealing with homelessness in Erewash is a priority for Erewash Borough Council. This document outlines the key issues and causes of homelessness in Erewash and defines the Council’s action and future priorities in relation to those issues. It also sets out clear, targeted outcomes which will be monitored and reviewed to ensure the delivery of these aims.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (and update)

Bob Line and Associates have carried out a Housing Market Assessment for the Nottingham Core Area – which includes Erewash, Nottingham City, Broxtowe, Rushcliffe, Gedling and the Hucknall area of Ashfield.

This consists of an analysis of housing markets within and between the local authority areas as well as across the Nottingham Core area as a whole.

The purpose of the assessment is to establish a robust evidential base for the development of a long-term strategic view of housing need and demand. This will help to inform spatial planning and housing strategies in the area.

The full report can be found on the B-Line housing info website.

An update to some of the Housing Market Assessment information was carried out during 2009. This shows an increase in affordable housing needed from 246 units per year, to 357 units a year.

This should be considered in conjunction with the Fordhams Housing Needs Study as above, which also indicated a high level of affordable housing need of up to 428 units a year.

Dwelling Size Research Report

Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners have carried out research into the relationship between household size and dwelling size.

This research will help to inform:

  • The type and size of housing which should be provided in our area
  • Advice we can give to housing developers
  • Policies in our Local Development Framework and housing strategies

The research was commissioned jointly by Erewash Borough Council and other local authorities in the Nottingham Core Housing Market Area.

Dwelling Size Research Nottingham Core HMA [PDF 4335KB]

Gypsy and Traveller and Accommodation Assessment

A duty under the 2004 Housing Act requires local authorities to assess the accommodation needs of Gypsies, Travellers, and Showpeople and to make adequate provision for them through the Planning process.

The purpose of the assessment is to identify the accommodation needs of gypsies and travellers within the study area and assess the need to allocate new sites for gypsy and traveller accommodation.

Derbyshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment 2008 [PDF 1.8MB]