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Stanton Planning Application

Erewash Borough Council received an outline planning application from Saint Gobain PAM UK Ltd on 7th February 2013 for the redevelopment of the former Stanton Ironworks site. The proposed scheme is for a major mixed-use development to include 1,950 residential units, a neighbourhood centre and employment uses.

The application was withdrawn in July 2015.

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Stanton Planning Application - Documents

Documents Click any of the documents below to download. Amended and Additional Documents Updated Bat Survey Fin...

How can I find out more?

View the documents which accompanied the application on this website here. This website contains all the detailed infor...

How was the application publicised?

A press release was issued. We wrote directly to residents and businesses within the immediate vicinity of the applic...

Stanton: What was Proposed?

Saint Gobain PAM UK Ltd applied for outline planning permission for the redevelopment of the former Stanton Iron Works s...

Stanton Application Enquiries

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