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Planning Policy and Regeneration

The Borough Council’s Planning Policy section is concerned with preparing and implementing plans which help the Council to decide where and when development occurs in Erewash. To help us do this, drafts policies and documents which inform our planning staff of whether proposals set out in planning applications should be approved or refused.

Through the section’s work, we use the planning system to deliver enhanced environmental, social and economic conditions across Erewash. This is achieved through producing policies and strategies which insist that new development is sustainable and contribute positively to wherever in the Borough development is proposed.

Planning Policy is broad in what it covers. The documents produced by the section carefully sets out how the Borough will deliver the new homes and jobs required to ensure economic growth, how its town and local centres can thrive, how Erewash’s built historic environment will be preserved and enhanced while safeguarding our valued landscapes and diverse biodiversity for future generations.


Erewash Borough Council

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