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Postal Votes

If you are unable to go to your Polling Station on Election Day you can apply for a postal vote to enable you to vote by post.  Applications must be made before an election is held.  

If you require an application form please telephone 0115 9071190 or visit to download a form. 

After completing the form, you’ll need to print it, sign it, and send it back to Electoral Registration Officer, Town Hall, Wharncliffe Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 5RP

Why do I need to sign my form?

You need to sign your application form personally because the electoral registration office needs a copy of your signature for voting security reasons. We know it’s slightly less convenient than submitting it online, but it helps to ensure the security of your vote and is used to tackle electoral fraud.

Where can I get my postal vote sent?

A postal vote can be sent to your home address or any other address that you give. 

Postal votes can be sent overseas, but you need to consider whether there will be enough time to receive and return your ballot paper by election day.

When will I receive my ballot papers?

Postal vote packs are usually sent out about a week before election day. 

Once you’ve got it, mark your vote on the ballot paper and make sure you send it back so that it arrives by 10pm on the day of the election or referendum). If it arrives later than this, your vote won’t be counted.

For general information on Elections and the Electoral process, visit The Electoral Commission website.