Annual Council Tax Rates

The Council Tax charge is partly based on the value of a property and partly on the number of adult residents. The property element and the person element each amount to 50 per cent of the charge.

Details of some of the discounts and reliefs are listed below.

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 The basic bill assumes that there are two adults resident in the property. If there are more than two, the charge is not increased, but if there are fewer than two, a discount can be granted.

This discount amounts to 25 per cent of the total charge, in other words, half of the personal element of the charge.

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The Council Tax Leaflet that is included with the Annual Statement has further information.

Council tax payable for 2020/2021 and 2019/2020

Statutory Calculation 2020/21 Council Tax for different bands (Borough, Parish, Police, Fire and County).

Band A* is the charge if Disabled Relief is granted for a Band A property.

Derbyshire County Council charges 2020/21.

Property bands explained

All domestic properties are chargeable properties for the purposes of Council Tax and the amount of Council Tax payable depends on the valuation band into which the property has been placed. Each property has been banded based on its expected selling price as at April 1991.

Find out more about Council Tax Property Bands.

Find your Council Tax Band

You can find your Council Tax band on the Valuation Office Agency website.


If you are paid too much Council Tax Support, the overpayment can be recovered from yourself. Any overpayments will be added back to your Council Tax account. However if the overpayment is as a result of an official error, it may be deemed not recoverable. Like all decisions made by us, you have the right to appeal against it.