The council has reviewed its policy for dealing with compliments, comments and complaints (CCCs). The new CCC Policy  details the various stages of our complaints procedure and the timescales we set to reply to you.

The policy also includes our new customer promises:

  • Our staff will be friendly, helpful and respectful

  • Our staff will be empowered to deal with your complaints at first contact, wherever possible

  • Our staff will be knowledgeable and take ownership of a problem and help identify a solution

  • We will apologise when we get something wrong and do our best to put it right

  • Our building and reception areas will be accessible, clean and welcoming with visible signage and up to date information

  • We will apply our services fairly and consistently and will not discriminate against you

  • We will answer correspondence within 10 workings days, or let you know that we will have to take longer

  • If we put your call through to someone we will explain to them what you have told us before putting you through

  • Keep you informed of progress, especially if something changes

  • We will provide you with a number of methods to contact us and contact you in the way you have said you prefer, wherever possible

  • Keep our website and information available to you free of jargon and up to date.

We have a form that allows you to make an enquiry or make a request for a service. 

General Enquiries Form

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