Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs)


Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPOs) were introduced in 2014 under the 2014 Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act. They sit amongst a broad range of powers and tools to help tackle anti-social behaviour locally. PSPOs are specifically aimed at ensuring public spaces can be enjoyed free from anti-social behaviour. The orders deal with specific nuisances or problems, in a defined area, that are "detrimental to the community’s quality of life" under the guidance and details of the Act. This is achieved by imposing conditions on the use of a defined area which applies to everyone.


Proposed PSPOs

Consultation is now open for a proposed PSPO (Gating) for Brackley Gate, Morley / Moor Lane, Little Eaton to deal with anti-social behaviour caused by motorised vehicles and fly-tipping. To take part in the consultation please head over to Erewash Borough Council's Consultation Page.


Current PSPOs


Areas covered

Behaviour concernedOrder madeOrder expiresTeam responsiblePDF of signed order (includes map)Map of area covered by alcohol consumption restriction

Ilkeston Town Centre (including Rutland Sports Park and Gordon Street Playing Field)


Long Eaton Town Centre (including West Park, Dockholme Lock and Petersham Green)

Alcohol consumption in a public place

October 2020

October 2023

Community Safety 

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Alcohol consumption in a public space PSPO

Interactive map of Ilkeston area covered


Interactive map of Long Eaton area covered