Every public authority subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI), including Erewash Borough Council, is required to adopt and maintain a “Publication Scheme”. A “Publication Scheme” is a commitment to routinely and proactively provide information to the public.

The Erewash Borough Council “Publication Scheme” is based on the model approved by the Information Commissioner which contains seven classes of information. These are: 

Making information routinely available

Where possible the information will be easily accessible through our website. We accept that some information may only be available in hard copy; in which case we will ensure this information is also easily accessible.

The information, the manner of publication and any charges will be included on our website, plus contact details for accessing it, where necessary. Where possible this will be the department with the best immediate access to the information concerned.

Providing hard copies of information available on a website

Most of the information provided in our “Publication Scheme” will be available in electronic form via our website in the first instance. This will enable quick and easy access to documents on a self-service basis. When asked to provide information in hard copy the Council will do so wherever possible. We accept that it is important that all sections of the community should be able to access the Council’s information.

A hard copy of our publication scheme is available on request from our receptions. It details who to contact for various types of information, the format and any cost for obtaining the information.


Unlike the 20 working days allowed for formal FOI requests, information that is routinely available should be provided when requested. The information may be immediately accessed, through our website or by email. In some cases, information may need to be posted. If so, our aim is to send information promptly and within five working days at most. If the information needs to be viewed at the Council’s premises, we will contact the person(s) making the request within five working days to arrange an appointment convenient to both parties.

Public registers

Public registers and the information in them are generally available for public inspection only. We will publicise which registers we hold and how the public can access the information in them. Any access to registers containing personal information will require the Council to balance the right to access to information with data protection principles.

Fees and charges

Most documents available through the “Publication Scheme” will be available in electronic form free of charge. Other information available through an authority’s “Publication Scheme” will be available at minimum cost to the public. Where a charge is made for routinely published information, the charges will be justifiable, clear and kept to a minimum based on.

  • Actual disbursements such as photocopying postage etc.

  • Information that the authority is legally authorised to charge for.

  • Where the Council’s has duties to make charges under statutory charging regimes.

  • Where there are justifiable “commercial” reasons for charging ,such as:-

    • A need to charge to support the continuing collection and publication of the information concerned;

    • Where collection and analysis of information has required considerable professional time and skill

    • The information concerned forms part of the Council’s normal trading activities.

Anyone requesting information will be informed of any charge before the information is provided. We may ask for payment before providing the information.

The exception to this will be where information required or accessed is intended for re-use for commercial or other such purposes. Receiving information under Freedom of Information and other information access regimes does not give you an automatic right to re-use the information and you must make a distinct request to re-use it. For further details on the “Re-use of Public Sector Information” see the website.

Feedback or Problems

Should you experience any difficulties accessing any documents or you feel any document which should form part of our “Publication Scheme” is missing, please contact:-

The Information Officer
Erewash Borough Council
Town Hall
Telephone 0115 907 2244

Making a Freedom of Information Request

If the information you require about the Council is not covered by the Publication Scheme, you may wish to consider submitting  a FOI request to the Council. Further details are on the Councils website.

Making a complaint

If you are unhappy with our operation of the “Publication Scheme” you are entitled to pursue any dissatisfaction through the Council's Complaints Procedure details of which are available via the Council’s website.

Should you continue to remain dissatisfied you can then appeal against the decision by contacting the Information Commissioner, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow SK9 5AF.

Erewash Borough Council

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