Guidance on how to vary the Designated Premises Supervisor under the Licensing Act 2003.

The holder of a premises licence may apply to the licensing authority to vary a premises licence to specify a new individual to be the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). There are two forms to complete.

Complete the form headed ''Application to vary a premises Licence to specify an individual as designated premises supervisor under the Licensing Act 2003''. This must be completed and signed by the premise licence holder only, their solicitor or authorised agent. This form will not be accepted by the licensing authority if it is signed by anyone else.

The form headed ''Consent of individual to being specified as premises supervisor'' must also be completed and signed by the individual who is to become the new DPS. This person must be a personal licence holder.

The completed application form and consent form must then be submitted to both the licensing authority and the police licensing department at the addresses given at the bottom of the page.

The premises licence and summary must be enclosed with the application to the licensing authority so that it can be amended. These must be the originals. If it is not possible to supply them, please include a statement of the reasons for the failure to provide the licence in part 2 of the form. You may be required to apply for a duplicate licence.

The fee payable to the local Authority is £23. All cheques must be made payable to Erewash Borough Council.

An existing Designated Premises Supervisor can also inform the licensing authority that he or she wishes to be officially removed from a premises licence if they want to cease responsibility for the sale of alcohol at those premises.

Section 41 of the Licensing Act 2003 sets out the procedure where an individual who is named as a Designated Premises Supervisor in respect of any licensed premises wishes to cease to have that position. An individual in this instance must give the licensing authority a notice or Request to be removed as DPS to that effect if they wish to be removed from a premises licence.

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Licensing Act 2003

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To apply online to vary the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) on your licence, please refer to  Premises Licences.

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If you require any help with the completion of your form, please contact the Licensing Department on 0115 9071113 who will be happy to assist, or alternatively you may seek your own legal advice. 

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