Noise from neighbours is a common source of nuisance.  The main complaints are about barking dogs, loud music or television, shouting, banging doors, intruder alarms and do-it-yourself activities. We can all expect, or make, some level of neighbour noise as no house or flat is totally soundproof.  However, if this noise amounts to a nuisance there is action the Council can take to resolve the problem.

However it is important to be aware that we cannot deal with an anonymous complaint and you also must know where the noise is coming from for us to take action. Please see our Noise Complaint Policy for information on how we will deal with a complaint.

A summary is given in the leaflet noise complaint leaflet.

The problem may be poor insulation between properties, when perfectly reasonable noise from normal activity is heard in the adjacent property.  It could be that some people are more sensitive or less tolerant to noise.  In these cases there is little we can do apart from help with mediation.  However, in cases where the noise is caused by unreasonable behaviour we may be able to help.

What can you do?

If you are being disturbed by noise from a neighbour, if possible approach them and explain that you are being troubled by their noise.  Most people will be glad to do what they can to reduce noise, informally.  Approach the matter carefully if you think your neighbour might react angrily to a complaint.

If all else fails

You can contact Environmental Health to discuss your problem; let us know what is happening, how often and how the noise is affecting you.  We will advise as much as we can. If you want to make a formal complaint we will ask you to complete a diary sheet giving times and dates and asking for a description of the noise and how it is affecting you.

Contact Details: Tel: 0115 9072244 Ext.3820 or Email