Note - Information regarding noise issues are given in the specific 'noise' pages


The Environmental Protection Act 1990 gives the Council powers to deal with statutory nuisance which include:

  • Premises in such a state as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance.  This could include a situation where your home is affected by dampness caused by defects in an adjoining building.  Please also note that premises include land.

  • Smoke from domestic or industrial premises; bonfires or chimneys.

  • Fumes or gases emitted from premises.

  • Dust, steam, smell or other effluvia emitted from industrial trade or business premises, i.e. not domestic premises.

  • Accumulations or deposits - common examples of this are domestic refuse, dog faeces etc.

  • Any animal kept in such a place or manner to affect neighbouring premises.

  • Insects emanating from industrial, trade or business premises.

  • Artificial light.

The law is extremely complex and each case would need to be individually assessed.  If you would like further information or would like to discuss a specific issue, please contact the Environmental Protection Team on 0115 9072244 Ext. 3820.

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