Parks and recreation

We undertake a number of functions in the management and maintenance of parks and open spaces including the enhancement of all parks, open spaces, trees, allotments and cemeteries, nature reserves, informal flower areas and closed church yards.

We also operate areas of recreational interest including play areas, football pitches, pavilions and outdoor tennis courts.

We look after over 260 hectares (650 acres) of parks and open spaces across the district. Totalling 101, these range from large urban parks, playing fields and play areas to local nature reserves, which provide important habitats for a wide range of wildlife.

To report acts of vandalism or criminal damage on parks or open spaces please contact Derbyshire Police by dialling 101.


As well as parks and open spaces, we look after other things such as:

  • Highways, trees, verges and weed control (on behalf of Derbyshire County Council)

  • Civic building grounds

  • Flower displays on road traffic islands and hanging baskets

  • Three cemeteries - maintenance

  • Outdoor sports bookings - football, cricket, bowls, Pewit Golf Course

  • Landscaping design and development

  • 9 Local Nature Reserves

  • 12 allotment sites.

Tree maintenance

The Council will:

  • Remove dangerous branches and trees as soon as possible

  • Remove dead or dying branches and trees where it may become a hazard to people or property

  • Remove branches or trees where there is evidence of damage being caused to buildings.


The Council will not:

  • Prune back or remove overhanging branches  

  • Prune or fell trees to improve the light or view to a property

  • Systematically reduce the crown of trees.

Erewash Borough Councils Tree Policy

Tree trails

A number of informative leaflets are available including ones about West Park and Victoria Park Tree Trails.

Metal detecting

The council does not allow metal detecting on its land.  You would need to contact individual landowners for permission to access their land.

There is a voluntary code of conduct

You can contact us by:

Pride-line : 0115 850 8383 (24 hours confidential hotline) or email

Complete an online form through your "My Erewash" account.  Look for the section about our Green Space and Street Scene team.

Erewash Borough Council

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