Life in Erewash

Erewash lies between the cities of Derby and Nottingham and there is good access to its major towns of Ilkeston and Long Eaton.

Both are within easy reach of the M1 (Junctions 25 and 26) and have excellent connections with the east and west Midlands. Erewash also benefits from its proximity to East Midlands Airport. 

Within an area of 42 square miles (or 26,955 acres), Erewash had a population of 112,081 in 48,692 households at the 2011 Census (115,500 estimated population in June 2018).

The historic success of the Erewash economy was founded upon coal mining, iron working, textiles and railways. In 2007 Saint-Gobain Pipelines plc based at Stanton closed providing the potential for a new mixed use regeneration project, which will create around 2,000 homes and new employment.

Manufacturing industry still provides more than 30 per cent of jobs and accounts for 1 in 5 of the area’s 2,400 firms. Areas of employment growth have occurred in engineering, furniture making, packaging, electronics and distribution. In some respects our local economy is stronger as a result of this diversification.


This report on the Local Government Association website provides a summary for Erewash residents based on a range of subjects including population, age, ethnicity, education, health and employment.

This report provides similar data but broken down by Erewash wards.

This report provides a ward comparison for health and wellbeing and includes data on deprivation in Erewash.

This report provides a more detailed breakdown of employment and unemployment in the borough.

Public Health England provide annual 'Health Profiles' to provide an overview of health for each local authority and provide comparison with other authorities. See the Erewash profile.

Derbyshire County Council's Derbyshire Observatory contains a number of profiles and maps for Erewash, including this district profile.

Finally, the Office for National Statistics website is "The UK's largest independent producer of official statistics and the recognised national statistical institute of the UK".

If you require information that is not available in the above resources, you may find that Erewash Borough Council can provide it to you under Freedom of Information.