Dog Fouling Text ServiceIf you spot dog mess on the streets of Erewash, text us and we'll come and clean it up!

A text-alert system is now available to use if and when you witness a dog fouling. If you witness someone allowing their dog to foul you can text the time, date, location (please provide as much information as you can about where the mess is located, e.g. near a phone box, or a nearby house number) and a brief description of the dog and owner to 0779 2701 583.

Alternatively, this number may also be used to advise us of any dog fouling that requires cleaning up. We aim to provide the appropriate action within 48 hours of the initial report.  Please provide as much information on the location of the mess as possible.

Text messages to this number cost the standard network rate and a reply will be received when the clean-up is actioned by us.