The council offers 15 car parks in Ilkeston, and nine car parks in Long Eaton. All machines accept coins and there are contactless payment machines in some of our car parks. In Ilkeston town centre, contactless payment is now available at two of the three pay machines in the Albion Centre car park; both machines at Pimlico; and the pay machines at Queen Street and South Street car parks.

Long Eaton Train Station has contactless payment at both machines. The council is also in the process of providing electric vehicle charging point in some car parks.

Map of Ilkeston town centre car parks.

Car Park Disabled Spaces  Non disabled spaces  Total spaces  Post code (sat nav info)
East Street, Ilkeston 20  24  DE7 5JB
Baker Street, Ilkeston 15  16  DE7 8FD
Chapel Street, Ilkeston 10  12  DE7 5JY
Pimlico, Ilkeston 131  140  DE7 8AA
Station Road, Ilkeston 1 DE7 5LD
Wilton Place, Ilkeston 4 12 16 DE7 8FW
Albion Centre, Ilkeston 10 188 198 DE7 5LD
Club Row, Ilkeston 5 79 84 DE7 8AE
Queen Street, Ilkeston 2 26 28 DE7 5GT
South Street, Ilkeston 3 52 55 DE7 5QT
Northgate Street, Ilkeston 2 19 21 DE7 8FR
Stanton Road, Ilkeston 6 60 66 DE7 5FT
Town Hall, Ilkeston 5 55 60 DE7 8AA
Lower Bath Street, Ilkeston 3 15 18 DE7 8FG
Toll Bar House, Ilkeston 5 59 64 DE7 5FH

Map of Long Eaton town centre car parks.

Car Park  Disabled Spaces  Non disabled spaces  Total spaces 

Post code
sat nav info)

Claye Street, Long Eaton 30  34  NG10 1AZ 
Gibb Street, Long Eaton 30  32  NG10 1EP
Long Eaton Station, Long Eaton 152  159  NG10 3GL
Beaconsfield Street, Long Eaton 107  111  NG10 1AY
Lawrence Street, Long Eaton 161  170  NG10 1JY
Town Hall Lower, Long Eaton 21  24  NG10 1LU
New Street, Long Eaton 1 12 13 NG10 1HE
Waverley Street, Long Eaton 4 37 41 NG10 1HG
Town Hall Upper, Long Eaton 2 38 40 NG10 1LU

Standard Charges:

Up to 1 hour  Free 
Up to 2 hours £1.50 
Up to 3 hours £2.00 
Over 3 hours £4.00 

(8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday inclusive – excluding Bank Holidays)

All parking in Erewash Borough Council car parks is free of charge on Sundays.

Long Eaton Train Station prices:

Up to 2 hours £1.50 
Up to 18 hours £4.00 
Up to 48 hours £7.00
Over 48 hours and up to 6 days. £15

All parking charges are applicable Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm. Any other location not mentioned remains the same.

Season Tickets – 13 weeks

Standard Car Parks - £135

Long Eaton Train Station - £117

You can pay for a season ticket at Ilkeston or Long Eaton town hall, or call 0115 907 2244.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles are permitted to park free of charge in designated bays only. The car parks within Erewash that offer motorcycles bays are:

East Street  Ilkeston 
Lower Bath Street Ilkeston
Chapel Street  Ilkeston
Pimlico  Ilkeston 
Station Road  Ilkeston
Albion Centre  Ilkeston
Albion Centre extension Ilkeston
Club Row Ilkeston (off Gregory Street) 
South Street Ilkeston
Northgate Street Ilkeston
Stanton Road Ilkeston
Claye Street Long Eaton
Gibb Street Long Eaton
Beaconsfield Street Long Eaton
Lawrence Street Long Eaton
Long Eaton Station Long Eaton
Town Hall Lower Long Eaton
New Street Long Eaton

Disabled Parking

Erewash Borough Council do not charge disabled Blue Badge holders to park, however when parking they must adhere to the regulations relating to the car parks i.e: short stay - (check signage for more details) - must be parked in a marked bay not necessarily a disabled bay (these are available in all Council car parks).

Parking - Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and wish to pay or appeal please visit the Park Smarter website.

Erewash Borough Council is a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (PATROL) Adjudication Joint Committee. The Joint Committee publishes an Annual Statement of Accounts which is subject to External Audit. More information can be can be found on the PATROL website.

Our car park machines are now fitted with a state of the art WebASLAN back office system which constantly monitors the machines for faults, ticket availability etc. This sends the information over the internet to our Parking Manager which enables them to respond to any issues a lot quicker.

Traffic Regulation Order

Erewash Borough Council car parks operate under a Traffic Regulation Order. This Order shows Charges varied under Section 35C of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Erewash Borough Council

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0115 907 2244
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