The fees for the applications for licences under the Licensing Act 2003 have now been set by the government with the intention of enabling licensing authorities to deliver tougher protections for local residents against alcohol related crime and disorder and public nuisance.

How to pay

Payments can be made to both Ilkeston and Long Eaton Town Halls. You can pay by cash, cheque, debit or credit card, although paying by credit card will incur a small fee.

Under the new licensing system, premises will apply for a one-off premises licence and then pay an annual charge for their licence thereafter. The charge is based on the rateable value of the property.

Suspension of Premises Licences for failure to pay annual fees

Please note that from the 25 April 2012 section 120 of The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act has amended the Licensing Act 2003.

The Act provides that where a premises licence holder has failed to pay the annual fee that is due, a licensing authority must suspend the premises licence unless the failure to pay is due to an administrative error, or the licence holder has notified the authority that they dispute liability for the fee and it is still within the 'grace period' which will be 21 days.

The new fee structure

Premises Licence Fees

Properties not subject to non-domestic rates will fall into Band A. 

Rateable Value Bands A - no rateable value - £4,300 B - £4,3001 - £33,000 C - £33,001 - £87,000 D - £87,001 - £125,000 E - £125,001 and above
New Applications/Variations £100 £190 £315 £450 £635

Annual Fee

£70 £180 £295 £320 £350

 In addition a multiplier will be applied to town centre pubs in bands D and E where they are exclusively or primarily in the business of selling alcohol as follows:-

Multiplier Levels

Band D (x2) E (x3)
Application Fee £900 £1905
Annual Charge £640 £1050

Minor Variation

Application for a Minor Variation - £89

Personal Licences

Application for a Personal Licence - £37

Temporary Event Notices

Temporary Event Notice - £21

Exceptionally Large Events

Licensing Authorities will also be able to charge an additional premises fee for exceptionally large events where the maximum number of persons exceeds 5000 at a licensable event.


Church halls, community halls, village halls or other similar buildings are exempt from paying any fees for a Premises Licence authorising only the provision of regulated entertainment.

No fees are payable by an educational institution, such as a school or a college (whose pupils/students have not attained the age of 19) for a Premises Licence authorising only the provision of regulated entertainment providing that it is for and on behalf of the educational institution.

Other Fees

There are also a number of other fees and charges payable which are as follows:


Theft, loss, etc. of premises licence or summary

Application for a provisional statement where premises being built etc. £315
Notification of change of address £10.50
Application to vary licence to specify individual as premises supervisor £23
Application for transfer of premises licence £23
Interim authority notice following death etc. of licence holder £23
Theft, loss etc. of certificate or summary £10.50
Notification of change of name or alteration of rules of club £10.50
Change of relevant registered address of club £10.50
Theft, loss etc. of temporary event notice £10.50
Theft, loss etc. of personal licence £10.50
Duty to notify change of name or address £10.50
Right of freeholder etc. to be notified of licensing matters £21

Further Information

Should you need assistance in determining the level of fee payable, please contact the Licensing Office using the details below:

Licensing Office
Civic Centre
Derby Road
Long Eaton
NG10 1HU

Tel: 0115  9071113
Fax: 0115 9071121

Erewash Borough Council

Erewash Borough Council, Town Hall, Wharncliffe Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5RP
0115 907 2244
DC Employer