The Council regulates dog breeding establishments through licensing. A licence is needed if you are carrying on a business of breeding dogs for sale,or if 5 or more litters of puppies produced for sale in any 12 month period. The dog breeding licence conditions must be met for a licence to be issued.

An annual licence fee is payable on application. The current fee is given in the Council's Fees and Charges list. If the application is withdrawn by the applicant after submission a non-returnable minimum charge of £20 will be made to recover administration costs. This will increase to £50 if a site visit has been made.

An application form can be downloaded to complete and return. We are unable to take online applications for this licence at this time.

Prior to granting the licence the Council will carry out a series of checks to ensure accommodation is suitable. A first time applicant for a licence will need to be inspected by a Vet ( appointed by the Officer) and an Officer from the local authority. The Vet's fee will need to be paid in addition to the licence fee. 

Once a breeding licence as been issued the breeder is subject to periodic inspections and an annual review to ensure that standards are being maintained.

The licence is effective for one year from the date of the issue of the licence. Licences must be renewed before that date if the premises are to continue as a dog breeding establishment.

A person will be treated as carrying on a business of breeding dogs if litters are born to five or more bitches in any 12 month period unless none of them is sold. It should be noted that the meaning of "bitches" is wider than might be supposed. It includes any bitches:

  • Kept by any relative of yours at the premises;

  • Kept by you elsewhere than at the premises;

  • Kept anywhere by any person at any time under a "breeding arrangement" made with you - this means a contract etc. under which you agree that someone else may keep a bitch on terms that, should the bitch give birth, then that person will provide you with one or more of the puppies or the whole or part of the proceeds of selling any of them.

Download a dog breeding licence application form.

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